Pure Road Racing’s Future – What’s Needed, What’s Needed To Change Part 1

Pure Road Racing’s Future – What’s Needed, What’s Needed To Change Part 1

For the last few years, I’ve been forever contemplating this topic in my mind, pure road racing’s future what’s needed, what’s needed to change?

Recently I asked via Facebook the real roads fraternity (racers, team members, marshals, organisers, fans, aficionados, everyone that’s involved), what three aspects they would like to see improved in the sport to ensure a prodigious future for the most exciting form of motorsport on planet earth.

Not surprisingly the topic has attracted a diverse, versatile, varied series of opinions, perspectives, including these posted below:

Former Manx GP, TT competitor Oliver Dupuy:

“When COVID is done, people are going to be making a huge effort to go out and enjoy themselves. There will be 12-18 months of pent up desire for fun that industries like leisure and hospitality going to really benefit from.

Pubs will be packed and we need road race meetings to be too. So lower ticket prices for those that charge, lower ferry prices (haha, that one won’t happen), lets get big crowds back and get them enjoying themselves. If road racing can tap into that, it has a fan base for the long term.”

Oliver’s Mount, Scarborough top three finisher Stephen Degnan:

“1000cc bikes back at Oliver’s Mount. Back to hardcore basics, Less political correctness and over the top health and safety.”

Podium finisher in 2019 at the Munster 100, Ray Casey:

“Change of leadership in MCUI with new ideas, promotion of events. Better roads to suit the higher HP bikes Less support races, more practice/qualifying for premier classes.”

Oliver’s Mount, Scarborough stalwart Russell Brook:

“One Electric hook up for all. 2 More practice/qualifying. 3 Scrutineer in awnings (option).”

Patch Racing’s Davy Graham:

“A change in leadership is needed first and foremost. The cost to race for riders is crazy, especially privateers. I’d like to see pre paid spectating come into play like the Cookstown 100 club done in 2020.”

Next gen English road racer Geoffrey Lunn:

“More racing for the support lads in Ireland, if you’ve only got one bike its expensive for a couple of practices and one race.

By the time you pay start permission, ferry, entry your a grand out of pocket before evening turning a wheel. They need more affordable classes as well, Super Twins has gone crazy, Supersport the same.”

Part two of Road Racing News, Pure Road Racing’s Future – What’s Needed, What’s Needed to Change series will be available from tomorrow morning.

Words by Stevie Rial #dontletfearcontrolyou

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