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Oliver’s Mount Top 8: Jamie Coward

Recently crowned for the first time TT Privateers champion, Hebden Bridge’s Jamie Coward who’s stellar TT 2019 tenure also saw him finish a close runner up to Michael Dunlop in the Bennetts Lightweight race, is the next racer to take part in Road Racing News growing in popularity, Oliver’s Mount Top 8 series.

Various times a yesteryear Superbike class race victor at the ‘Mini TT’, his answers to the Scarborough themed set of questions, are as follows:

Q1: First memory of Oliver’s Mount?

“That will be, can’t remember what year, it was a really special occasion at the mount, Joey Dunlop was there, it was around 1998, all the big lads were there.

I remember, and I was only young at the time, and my hero for road racing was Joey Dunlop. I remember going and seeing him, I got a little photo of him alongside me, I’ve got it at home.

I got it signed later on in the year at the Ulster GP, and it’s in the wall in the front room at home, so that’s a great memory.”

Q2: Favourite part about racing at the mount?

“Obviously it’s local, so it’s easy to get to for me I suppose. It’s just the atmosphere in the paddock I like, it’s really friendly, everyone helps each other.

The circuit itself is fantastic, there’s not many places in the world where you get a circuit like that, up and down hills and the elevation changes, and the circuit lay out is fantastic.

Just the whole event, I’ve missed it to be honest I’d like to get back there if I can, we’ll see what happens.”

Q3: Favourite section of Scarborough course?

“Top of the hill, after the start through to the first hairpin. I don’t know the names of the corners, I just know were I’m going!

Up the hill, the fast right, the Esses top of the hill, the right left, I really like them, when you get them right it’s fantastic, so the Esses.”

Q4: Best moment thus far at Scarborough?

“I suppose riding the Mistral Racing Kawasaki, had some good results on that. But as well before the incident at the 2017 Gold Cup, I was riding really well, I qualified quite good.

Obviously that year it got cancelled early, racing at that meeting I was doing well and I enjoyed the competitive action.”

Q5: All time Scarborough racing hero?

“Joey Dunlop, he’s one of those people I just looked up to when I was younger, his whole demeanour, everything, so Joey Dunlop.”

Q6: Is there one machine in particular that you would like to race at Scarborough?

“The Manx Norton, the Craven Manx Norton that I ride. Obviously I’ve ridden it at the Pre TT Classic, Classic TT, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to pilot it at Scarborough, so I’d really like to compete on that at Scarborough if I can.”

Q7: One word to describe Oliver’s Mount?


Q8: Most respected racing rival at Scarborough?

“James Cowton, he always went well there, obviously it’s a shame he’s not around anymore, had some really good races with him around Scarborough.”

Words by Stevie Rial