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North West 200: Irwin Leads Team Green 1-2 In Anchor Bar Superbike Race

Reduced to a four lap distance, due to the still largely wet, damp conditions around the ‘Triangle’, the Anchor Bike Superbike race provided a mix of surprises, great over takes, talented privateers impress, and the term slip stream city, illustrated in full.

Glenn Irwin got the hole shot on lap 1, but soon Quattro Plant Wicked Coatings Kawasaki team mate James Hillier, who had elected to pilot his Superstock mount, powered into the race lead.

Hillier and Irwin soon pulled away from the chasing pack, which included Milenco by Padgetts Conor Cummins.

Third within the prior Supersport race, Manxman Cummins who topped the 196 mph mark through the University speed trap, by the completion of lap 2, was steadily reeling in the Team Green duo of Hillier and Irwin.

Photo by Rod Neill

There was nothing in it throughout lap three between Hillier, Irwin and Cummins, with all three looking in good shape to scoop race spoils.

Onto the fourth and final lap, and long term race leader Hillier, relinquished briefly the race lead, before regaining it at University.

Soon though his advantage out front went again, this time at Juniper Hill Chicane as team mate Irwin made a decisive move, which proved the key to making it four NW200 Superbike race wins in a row.

Race runner up Hillier, although you could tell disappointed, was delighted for his team mate and for the ever hard working Quattro Plant Wicked Coatings Kawasaki team.

Photo by Tommy Vennard

Padgetts Cummins finished a close third behind Hillier, and now five times International Road Race winner Irwin, whilst BE Racing In Conjunction With Richardson Kelly Racing’s Derek Sheils also enjoyed a prodigious stint on the Triangle course, finishing a brilliant fourth in front of Be Wiser Ducati’s Alastair Seeley.

Fastest NW200 newcomer in history Richard Cooper, completed the top six finishers, as Michael Rutter, Matt Rees, Lukas Maurer and 2017 Senior Manx GP winner Tom Weeden rounded out the top ten, in a quite enthralling Superbike encounter.

Notable non finishers included Tyco BMW’s Michael Dunlop, RAF Regular & Reserves Kawasaki’s Gary Johnson, whilst the likes of Honda Racing’s Ian Hutchinson and David Johnson, Peter Hickman, Dean Harrison and Tides Restaurant Supersport victor Lee Johnston, were all non starters.

North West 200: Anchor Bar Superbike race results, are as follows:

1 Glenn Irwin
2 James Hillier
3 Conor Cummins
4 Derek Sheils
5 Alastair Seeley
6 Richard Cooper
7 Michael Rutter
8 Matt Rees
9 Lukas Maurer
10 Tom Weeden
11 John McGuinness
12 Bruce Birnie
13 Kris Duncan
14 Vassilios Takos
15 Paul Gartland
16 Chris Green
17 Stephen Degnan
18 Mark Goodings
19 Patricia Fernandez

Words by Stevie Rial