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Michael Dunlop which teams does he go to

Michael Dunlop this winter has been linked to many teams street sweep racing, hunts motorcycles honda, mcadoo kawasaki and tyco suzuki but nothing has been officially confirmed for him for the TT and the irish nationals and international road races as well for 2012. It is highly rumoured for Michael to be changing manufacturers this year from kawasaki to a new manufacturer which at the moment seems like honda although which honda team would he go to.

He was linked for a small period of time to padgetts honda although this rumour soon subsided after more rumours of joining other teams started to come about onto forums, social networking sites and in the main bike racing newspapers such as belfast telegraph. One things for sure no matter where he goes this year Michael Dunlop will be one of the big names at TT 2012 and will be going all out for more TT wins.


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