Manx GP Top 6: Mike Mace

Manx GP Top 6: Mike Mace

Fourth within the Newcomers A race of 2019, Redgate Motorsport supported Mike Mace is the next racer to take part in Road Racing News 2020 Manx GP Top 6 series.

Mace who is switching to ZX6R Kawasaki machinery for this year’s Manx GP, answers to the Mountain Course themed set of questions are as follows:

Q1: When you first competed at the Manx, what was your first initial thought of the Mountain Course?

“Hugely intimidating. When you start really trying to learn the course it becomes clear that this is nothing like going around Donington park working out which way it goes.

Throughout my preparation for the Manx I constantly questioned my ability to learn the course enough to compete. After 6 months of constant on boards and laps I still sat on the line not sure if I had done enough. Even heading down Bray hill I was unsure what I had let myself in for.”

Q2: Most memorable Manx GP bike?

“Has to be my Triumph that I rode at last year’s Manx GP. Despite a few small issues, the old girl’s saw me back home safe and you can’t really ask for more.”

Photo by Nick Wheeler

Q3: Most treasured memory from the Manx?

“Being fairly new to the Manx GP, the best memory I have wasn’t during a race itself, it was just after my first ever race.

Having missed out on a podium due to some bike issues, I was sat in parc ferme unsure whether to be happy to finish, kick the crap out of my bike or whether to celebrate despite missing my target by just 19 seconds.

It was soon after that I was approached by various vastly experienced riders past and present, newcomers mentors, and past officials, all of whom were very positive about my race and really made me re evaluate my achievements.

The most treasured memory and words that will stick with me for a long time were from the riders that inspired me to dream of racing at the Manx in the first place.

A close second would be picking up my 2 replicas and having no idea about winning the Ray Cowles trophy in 2019.”

Q4: Is there one specific Manx GP competitor that you look up to?

“It’s hard to see past Rodger Wibberley. (no pun intended). His vast knowledge of the place is second to none.

Over the years Roger has almost become part of the furniture and his hard work and dedication was rightly acknowledged in 2019 seeing him receive the Spirit of the Manx award, which was fully deserved.

Rodger has been heavily involved with assisting newcomers in recent years and I had the pleasure of being able to follow him during a race where I learned an awful lot.

If I can be racing at his level in 20 years and have the impact on as many as Rodger has had, I’ll be a very happy man.”

Q5: Describe the Manx GP in one word?


Q6: Finally, if you could race one machine from any series, championship around the Mountain Course, what would it be?

“With so many to chose from its hard to narrow it down to just 1, but I would have to go for the Britten. Such an iconic machine around the Mountain Course would just be incredible.”

Words by Stevie Rial

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