IRRC Schleiz: SBK R1 Summary

IRRC Schleiz: SBK R1 Summary

Keeping up the imperious form, he illustrated throughout yesterday’s qualifying sessions, JP19 Motorsport’s Julian Puffe was untouchable in this afternoon’s opening IRRC SBK race-stint at Schleizer Dreieck.

Besting the outright event lap record on lap two (1.25.379 seconds), Puffe by mid race distance was charging, charging and charging away from top chaser, Broncos Racing Team’s Luca Salvadori.

Gleefully taking the chequered flag at the completion of the 12th, last lap, he finished more than 14 seconds ahead of Varsselring lap-record holder Salvadori.

100 % Moto Brussels sponsored Come Geenen won the battle, to finish top full-time IRRC 2024 competitor, acquiring the final spot on the rostrum, getting the better of reigning Champion Lukas Maurer (5th) and David Datzer (7th).

Ville Valtonen, before today, the meeting lap record carrier, placed fourth, Micky Winkler finished sixth, Marc Neumann another event wildcard took eighth as Jorn Hamberg, Freddie Heinrich concluded the first ten finishers.

Eleventh to fifteenth were returning to the saddle Didier Grams, Luca Gottardi, Markus Karlsson, Reto-Luc Wiederkehr and Jan Buchel.

Never Be Clever Racing’s Darryl Tweed, bounced back from a bad start to finish 23rd overall, amongst the first fifteen 2024 IRRC season registered riders.

One place behind Tweed was team-mate, Pre-TT Classic winner last month, Rhys Hardisty.

IRRC Schleiz: Superbike Race 1 Result:

1st – Julian Puffe
2nd – Luca Salvadori
3rd – Come Geenen
4th – Ville Valtonen
5th – Lukas Maurer
6th – Micky Winkler
7th – David Datzer
8th – Marc Neumann
9th – Jorn Hamberg
10th – Freddie Heinrich

11th – Didier Grams
12th – Luca Gottardi
13th – Markus Karlsson
14th – Reto-Luc Wiederkehr
15th – Jan Buchel
16th – Thomas O’Grady
17th – Martin Van Ruitenbeek
18th – Wally Jacobs
19th – Rene Grundei
20th – Tiziano Rosati

21st – Andreas Jochum
22nd – Christoph Kreller
23rd – Darryl Tweed
24th – Rhys Hardisty
25th – Francesco Piva
26th – Anssi Koski
27th – Stephane Bednarek
28th – Pontus Roestlinger
29th – Lasse Karki
30th – Olivier Lupberger

31st – Reinhard Strack
32nd – Uwe Elschner
33rd – Rob Van Eijs
34th – Mike Ceuppens

Photo credit: Thijs Van Der Horst

Words by Stevie Rial #dontletfearcontrolyou

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