IRRC Frohburg Supersport/Superbike Fields Revealed

IRRC Frohburg Supersport/Superbike Fields Revealed

The Supersport, Superbike entry lists for the final IRRC (International Road Racing Championship) round of 2021 in Frohburg, Germany has been unveiled.

35, 38 racers per class including 600cc, 1000cc Championship pace setters Pierre Yves Bian and Lukas Maurer are set to make the journey to Germany’s most acclaimed active closed roads course, Frohburger Dreieck.

14 nations enjoy representation with the UK’s challenge as at Chimay, Horice, Hengelo led by Never Be Clever Racing’s Mark Purslow.

Event wildcards who’s progress will be monitored closely include three times IRRC Supersport winner Thomas Walther (Team Schleizer Dreieck), 2016 Newcomers A Manx GP runner-up Julian Trummer, Wolfgang Schuster, Tomas Toth and European Hill Climb Superbike Champion Stefano Bonetti (Speed Motor BMW).

The full at present IRRC Frohburg Supersport/Superbike entry lists, are as follows:


Krystian Paluch – Predki Racing Team Honda
Ilja Caljouw – llja Caljouw Yamaha
Mark Purslow – Never Be Clever Racing Yamaha
Thomas Wendel – 2 Wheels Racing Team Yamaha
Quentin Limousin – Team 2LSB Suzuki
Anssi Koski – Markka Racing Triumph
Wayne Bourgeais – Carentan Moto Road Racing Ducati
Petr Najman – North Czech Riders Triumph
Jorn Hamberg – Performance Racing Achterhoek Yamaha
Maxime Gresoviac – MG Racing Kawasaki
Christian Weirig – Sanvin Racing Team Yamaha
Cyril Lecocq – CP Racing Honda
Xavier Denis – Optimark Road Racing Yamaha
Pierre Yves Bian – Martimotos Kawasaki
Amalric Blanc – Team B&M Yamaha
Jerome Bagard – Three Six Eight Road Racing Yamaha
Romain Cleaz Savoyen – Rcs Team Kawasaki
Julien Cregniot – Les Tarbou Kawasaki

Yann Galli – Team Galli 469 Honda
Kevin Rigot – Equipe De Course Kiiwii Kawasaki
Benjamin Beume – Flying Farmer Racing Team Yamaha
Max Gaube – Team Schleizer Dreieck Yamaha
Wolfgang Schuster – Wolfgang Schuster Yamaha
Erwan Bannwart – SBRacing Team Kawasaki
Rico Vetter – VRP Vetter Racing Performance Kawasaki
Robert Rohde – Robdorfer Racing Team Honda
Dustin Tham – Dustin Tham Yamaha
Sebastian Frotscher – Team Schleizer Dreieck Yamaha
Stefan Wauter – Closed Roads Racing Yamaha
Henrik Voit – Road Racing Team Voit/Kalex Moto 2
Daniel Schmidt-Messerschmidt Kawasaki
Thomas Walther-Team Schleizer Dreieck Yamaha
Sascha Prahl-Burgenland Motorsport Yamaha
Lars Gerrit Wozniak – Yamaha
Mauro Poncini – Team Manici Racing Yamaha


Vassilios Takos – L78 by Heidger Motorsport Racing Team
Stephane Bednarek – F.R.T Kawasaki
Ales Nechvatal – Dafit Motoracing Yamaha
Mark Purslow – Never Be Clever Racing BMW
Lukas Maurer – L78 by Heidger Motorsport Racing Team
Virgil Amber Bloemhard – Performance Racing Achterhoek Kawasaki
Patrick Hoff – Int.Crash Club Gnotzheim E.V. Suzuki
Didier Grams – G&G Motorsport by BMW Motorrad
Markus Karlsson – Karlsson Motorsport Kawasaki
Yannick Jacops – SJL Racing International Road Race Team Suzuki
Marek Cerveny – WRP Wepol Racing BMW
Wayne Bourgeais – Carentan Moto Road Racing Ducati
David Datzer – MTP Racing BMW
Joey Den Besten – Motorradtechnik Geenen GmbH Suzuki
Kamil Holan – Blue Garage Kawasaki
Jean Pierre Polet – JPM Team BMW
Andreas Bose – B&S Motorsport BMW
Marcel Elsner – Team Ecki powered by Schuttflix Yamaha
Foti Psomadakis – Braunholz Metallbau GmbH Hannover Kawasaki

Xavier Denis – Optimark by PerformanX Yamaha
Laurent Hoffmann – Hoff by MRP Racing BMW
Eddy Ferre – Racing Team 38 Yamaha
Aku Korhonen – Pikku2-racing Yamaha
Amalric Blanc – Team B&M BMW
Stefano Bonetti – Speed Motor BMW
Andreas Gangl – Team Heating Factory Bikebox 79 Suzuki
Uwe Zimmermann – SSZ Racing Team Yamaha
Michael Wimmi
Julian Trummer – Julian Trummer Yamaha
Emil Krchnavy – ZD-Motorsport Kawasaki
Mike Ceuppens – Texas Motors Suzuki
Dirk Kaletsch – Avia Racing Marburg Cappel Ducati
Tomas Toth – Garo Racing Team Kawasaki
Marek Hlozek – Anopak Racing Team Ducati
Toni Rechberger – MSC Rottenegg Suzuki
Nico Muller – Muller Motorsport BMW
Marnix D’Hondt – Fun Racing Team BMW
Gido Nittke – MH Racing BMW

Photo credit: Nick Wheeler

Words by Stevie Rial #dontletfearcontrolyou

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