70th Scarborough Gold Cup: Sunday Race Results

70th Scarborough Gold Cup: Sunday Race Results

Full collection of race results covering Sunday’s races at the 70th Scarborough Gold Cup:

Race results per class, are as follows:

Lightweight Race Three:

1st – Jim Hind
2nd – Chris Moore
3rd – Richie Welsh
4th – Michael Rees
5th – Jamie Kelman
6th – Ian Stanford
7th – Tony Flinton
8th – Connor Wade
9th – Andrew Jones
10th – Owen Monaghan
11th – John Cliffe
12th – John McComisky

Lightweight Race Four:

1st – Jamie Kelman
2nd – Connor Wade
3rd – Tony Flinton
4th – Richie Welsh
5th – Owen Monaghan
6th – John Cliffe
7th – John McComisky

Super Twins Race Three:

1st – Rob Hodson
2nd – Michael Sweeney
3rd – Joey Thompson
4th – Barry Furber
5th – Gary McCoy
6th – Toby Shann
7th – Ryan Whitehall
8th – Mark Goodings
9th – Michael Rees
10th – Roddy Taylor

11th – Dean Ratcliff
12th – Julian Tillotson
13th – Gareth Arnold
14th – Dave Hewson
15th – Jack Turner
16th – Mark Jackson
17th – Jamie Ingham
18th – Oliver Dean

Super Twins Race Four:

1st – Adam McLean
2nd – Rob Hodson
3rd – Michael Sweeney
4th – Joey Thompson
5th – Roddy Taylor
6th – Dean Ratcliff
7th – Julian Tillotson
8th – Vinny Brennan
9th – Jamie Ingham
10th – Mark Jackson
11th – Oliver Dean
12th – Gareth Arnold

Supersport B Race Three:

1st – Adrian Harrison
2nd – Paul Marley
3rd – Curtis Milburn
4th – Jack Petrie
5th – Craig Howton
6th – Stephen Degnan
7th – Mark Jackson
8th – Martin Robbins
9th – Jamie Ingham
10th – Justin Collins

11th – Gary Ford
12th – Robin King
13th – Brian Fuidge
14th – Christian Slater
15th – Craig Szczypek
16th – Ben Wales
17th – James Leatham
18th – Oliver Dean
19th – Neil Rutledge

Supersport B Race Four:

1st – Paul Marley
2nd – Curtis Milburn
3rd – Jamie Ingham
4th – Martin Robbins
5th – James Leatham
6th – Craig Howton
7th – Brian Fuidge
8th – Neil Rutledge
9th – Craig Szczypek

Supersport A Race Three:

1st – Davey Todd
2nd – Adam McLean
3rd – Jim Hind
4th – Rob Hodson
5th – Joey Thompson
6th – Joe Yeardsley
7th – Michael Sweeney
8th – Gary McCoy
9th – Tom Weeden
10th – Don Gilbert

11th – Mark Goodings
12th – Jack Sim
13th – Rhys Hardisty
14th – Toby Shann
15th – Steven Haddow
16th – Daniel Forbes
17th – Keith Pringle
18th – Martin Morris
19th – Joey Lambden

Supersport A Race Four:

1st – Davey Todd
2nd – Adam McLean
3rd – Lewis Arrowsmith
4th – Tom Weeden
5th – Jim Hind
6th – Rob Hodson
7th – Rhys Hardisty
8th – Don Gilbert
9th – Toby Shann

Sidecars Race Three:

1st – Lee Crawford/Jake Lowther
2nd – Ben Birchall/Tom Birchall
3rd – Steve Ramsden/Matty Ramsden
4th – Carl Fenwick/Jody James
5th – Shaun Chandler/Ben Chandler

Sidecars Race Four:

1st – Lee Crawford/Jake Lowther
2nd – Steve Ramsden/Matty Ramsden
3rd – Carl Fenwick/Jody James
4th – Shaun Chandler/Ben Chandler
5th – Bruce Moore/Mark Gash
6th – Chris Schofield/Dave Ryder

Classic Superbike Race Three:

1st – Derek Sheils
2nd – Michael Sweeney
3rd – John Dieterman
4th – Barry Furber
5th – Keith Pringle
6th – Dave Hewson
7th – Michael Bampton
8th – Jack Petrie
9th – Gary Graves
10th – David Suddes
11th – David Combrinck
12th – John Cliffe

Classic Superbike Race Four:

1st – Derek Sheils
2nd – Michael Sweeney
3rd – Barry Furber
4th – John Dieterman
5th – Michael Bampton
6th – Keith Pringle
7th – David Suddes
8th – David Combrinck

Support Race Three:

1st – Jamie Ingham
2nd – Vinny Brennan
3rd – Neal Mason
4th – Oliver Morgan Edwards
5th – Tobias George
6th – Paul Magnay
7th – Colin Croft
8th – David Fearnley

Words by Stevie Rial #dontletfearcontrolyou

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