TT 2024: Viewpoint – Up And Down The Hills

TT 2024: Viewpoint – Up And Down The Hills

Daydreaming looking out a window, the rain is falling, gradually, heavily like sweat, what pops up in the mind, walking up hill during the past few weeks!

This kind of describes TT 2024, yes, the racing ace, camaraderie ace, banter ace, media pen ace, ice creams ace but plenty of hardship as well.

Delays, delays, delays, a feeling for various that VIPS are taking increasing precedent, certain top photographers feeling let down.

Everyone’s scenario is different, for me my most productive TT to date, in terms of work. But I appreciate this won’t be the case for many others attending.

You can’t alter the weather same as peoples’ viewpoints, everyone is different with theirs.

The racing, the riders don’t change, although you can tell the fine line, they have too, kneel to.

TT racers personalities are unique in the modern world of motorsport, they aren’t robots, PR trained machines.

But, if enough aspects alter, this will change and very soon.

Back to high-points, positivity, Michael Dunlop’s history-making 27th win was a truly unique piece of sporting, motorsport history.

Thousands of fans that was there (5th June) will I’m sure have fond memories.

It’s been great to watch Davey Todd’s star rising to the precipice of Senior race glory, the Crowe brothers becoming not just the future but the present in the Sidecars class and rising talents, (to many to name) prosper.

Before I finish this article, got to touch on the current TT schedule.

It’s great to have more races, a more action-packed schedule but it only works let’s be honest, if the weather is on our side.

This may seem a basic opinion, basic fact to state but it’s firmly true, when the TT schedule was altered from it’s previous eight-race itinerary, lots of road racing insiders were stating this will do well to work.

We were blessed so much last year with continuous dry, sunny weather.

This doesn’t happen all the time on the Isle of Man, let alone anywhere in the world!

I’ve heard comments regarding bringing back wet conditions racing to the TT, this won’t happen for a combination of reasons, safety, insurance, current types of tyres produced.

Every year after a good year of weather, the clouds seem to turn on the TT paddock the following year.
By this notion, it’s going to be perfect, perfect conditions day in, day out in 2025.

Well, we can hope, dream, can’t we!

Chapeau as always to those who participate at the TT, it remains motorsport, motorcycle racing’s biggest, unprecedented, most daunting, most exhilarating challenge.

Words by Stevie Rial #dontletfearcontrolyou

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