The Life of A Racer – Volume 2: Flesh and Blood – Book Review

The Life of A Racer – Volume 2: Flesh and Blood – Book Review

You know your reading a top book, top publication when you just cannot put the book down, it has you gripped!

‘Michael Rutter – The Life of a Racer – Volume 2: Flesh and Blood’ is a perfect example. A tribute to his father, Tony Rutter the late, great World Champion.

Michael Rutter’s latest book showcases with no airs, graces, or adjustments, what it is like to be the son of one of the foremost international road racers of his generation.

The book recalls tales of bravery, courage, sadness about the reality of road racing but is surrounded with humour and joy detailing Tony’s never ending, sheer determination, for example a descriptive incident that defied all the odds returning to competition after an horrific event at Montjuic in 1985.

Synonymous with Ducati machinery and fitting to see the photograph on the book’s front cover, displays illustrative form perfect harmony with Italian machinery exotica. Michael also reflects on parts of his own career in comparison with his father’s.

Rutter Junior is not shy in highlighting his complex relationship with his father but through it all, the racing, the setbacks, Rutter Senior remained and always will be his hero, perfectly shining through the 203-page publication his admiration for his father.

As with the opening book ‘Michael Rutter – The Life of a Racer Biography’ another necessity buy for any true road racing, motorcycling fan.

Huge thanks to John McAvoy, providing me with a copy of one of the best and admirable motorcycle racing books I have had the pleasure of reading and reviewing.

Photo credit: Nick Wheeler

Words by Stevie Rial #dontletfearcontrolyou

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