Scarborough Chat: 2016 Senior Manx GP Winner Tom Weeden

Scarborough Chat: 2016 Senior Manx GP Winner Tom Weeden

Below five days since returning home from TT 2024, 2016 Senior Manx Grand Prix winner Tom Weeden although tired from Mountain Course racing exertions, made the long trek back to one of his favourite circuits, Oliver’s Mount.

Astride Yamaha, Aprilia, Suzuki machinery, the Maidstone racer had a productive time at the Barry Sheene Festival, sealing six top three finishes (3rd-2nd-2nd Classic Superbike races, 2nd-2nd Super Twin races) which included taking third within the feature race, despite a huge moment early in race circulation.

Prior to Saturday, Sunday’s race action, Road Racing News on Friday, dodging the rain! Obtained a good old chin wag with the rider who made his Oliver’s Mount debut, eleven years ago (2013 Bob Smith Spring Cup).

Beginning with discussing TT 2024, Weeden stated that he went into this year’s TT as fit as he’s ever been, only for a bout of the man flu to zap his energy levels.

Despite this he attained four top thirty finishes, four bronze replica finishes, a PB TT finish of fifteenth in the Metzeler Super Twins race.

Praising his Twins steed (RS660 Aprilia), he said:

“I was expecting good things on the Aprilia, maybe not as good straight from the off as we got. Bear in mind, it’s a standard engine and I know a lot of the Aprilia’s that we were racing against had tuned motors in.

That’s straight out of a road bike, straight into there, obviously race parts around it with suspension but surprised and happy with how we went on that.”

Pragmatic about the weather afflicting TT 2024, Weeden formerly of the Triumph Triple Challenge series, stated:

“I think it could have been worse, people have been saying the weather was terrible, but it could have been a lot worse, there’s been years when it rained all the way through practice week.

I think we got enough in, you could always do with more, but the organisers were limited with what they could put in.”

When asked about his thoughts on the ten-race schedule, confirmed to remain for next year’s TT, his answer was:

“I like the ten races, I do like that, the Superstock being a three-lapper, I feel like a 1000cc race should be longer than that.

Supersport still four-laps that’s ok, the Twins race being three-laps, understand why they are a slower bike.
But I think the Superstock race should be at least a four-lapper.

The races aren’t a problem having ten races but it’s more the schedule we need a bit more time in between to have a bit of a break.

It is two weeks flat out, if the weather’s not good it’s two weeks without a break.

You go through scrutineering sometimes, going through the motions, then it gets cancelled and what would have been your rest day, you’re then practicing on that day.”

Admitting he was mulling over pulling his Barry Sheene Festival entry, Weeden candidly stated:

“I was half debating to pull out of the meeting this weekend which I know four TT riders have done because we haven’t had enough time to turn around, but I can’t not come here, I love it here and now I’m here I’m happy I turned up. I’m over the man flu and feel good.”

Finally, back to chatting about good old Scarborough racing weather!

“There’s no point moaning about the weather because it’s going to be one or the other, you just get on and crack on with the job, if it’s wet, if it’s dry, if it’s in between it’s not perfect but it’s the same for everyone, you’ve just got to roll with it.”

Words by Stevie Rial #dontletfearcontrolyou

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