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Poll: Will The 2021 Manx Grand Prix/Classic TT Go Ahead?

Will the 2021 Manx Grand Prix, Classic TT Races take place? It’s one of the most talked topics at present on the lips of countless racers, teams, photographers, reporters, marshals, road racing insiders.

A final decision by event organisers on whether MGP, Classic TT action will grace the fabled, mythical Mountain Course is to be decided next March.

We at Road Racing News are keen to gain your views on the topic, by taking part in a recently set up poll.

Photo by Mark Corlett

At present from 24 votes so far, 58.33 percent have said no there won’t be any Manx road race competition in August, September whilst 41.67 percent have stated there will be.

To place your vote in on the hosted poll, follow the posted link.

MGP/Classic TT Poll

Words by Stevie Rial