No Room For Error Series One Review

No Room For Error Series One Review

Post lots of hype, positive reviews from specific media outlets, No Room for Error series one hit the TV screens this week.

Each episode mixes an unfiltered look into TT paddock life, the contrasting emotions that Mountain Course racing brings and the normality cloak that racers unpin when they go into race mode and become true sporting super heroes.

The TT Races is motorsport in its’ absolute purest form, as Peter Hickman stated “How motorsport should be.”

Nothing can match the thrills, the other worldly senses, feelings it evokes in those willing to take on two-wheel racing’s ultimate challenge.

This is portrayed throughout the docu-series, which stars the aforementioned Hickman, Lee Johnston (speedy recovery Lee), Dean Harrison, James Hillier, 23 times winner John McGuinness MBE.

National Superstock 1000 Champion Davey Todd, 21 times winner Michael Dunlop, Sam West, team-mate Chris Sarbora, Privateers Champion Jamie Coward, Glenn Irwin and newcomer Rennie Scaysbrook.

Sidecars also feature strongly, covering the dramatic highs and lows of last year’s race week.

When Ryan Crowe embraces his dad Nick Crowe after clinching a first TT podium finish, it’s pure emotion, a definite gulp moment if you were watching.

Racers’ friendships, pre-competition routines, living headquarters for the TT fortnight are covered, there is an overall sense of deep respect, camaraderie.

It is a true fly on the wall look at real road racing’s Monaco Grand Prix, Daytona 500, Le Mans 24 Hours equivalent.

What else will those watching gain from No Room for Error, well there is low amounts of b-roll footage used, colourful language a plenty! and that TT competitors are remarkable individuals.

The amount of bravery, dedication, skillset needed to be at one with the Mountain Course, cannot be put into numbers, percentages.

Everything has to be right to be at the sharp end of solo, Sidecars competition.

Team work spot on, right set-up, correct chassis, correct tyres, correct engine, right mindset, not letting certain memories creep in.

If everything comes together, it is pure elation, pure joy, winning the world’s most famous road race.
One word, phrase to describe No Room for Error series one.

Isle of Man TT, nothing else left to be said.

Words by Stevie Rial #dontletfearcontrolyou

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