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IRRC Schleiz – Momentous Supersport Double For Thomas Walther

Although not as dominant in race 1, success by near the six second mark in the second 600 encounter at Schleiz, was made all the more momentous for Thomas Walther, who now heads the 2017 IRRC Supersport championship standings.

Joey Den Besten’s second place finish means his fellow YZF R6 Yamaha mounted rider, holds a narrow three point series lead.

Photo by Robby Repsol

Pierre Yves Bian who came into this weekends competition second in the championship, is now 23 points behind the new series leader following another fifth place finish.

Jochen Rotter made it back to back third place finishes, whilst Sebastian Frotscher fourth and fellow countryman Max Gaube sixth, also enjoyed productive races.

Kamil Holan was seventh, Denmark’s Anders Blacha sealed eighth as Davy Thoonen and Sebastian Reinisch culminated the first ten finishers.

IRRC Schleiz – Supersport Race 2 Results:

1 Thomas Walther
2 Joey Den Besten
3 Jochen Rotter
4 Sebastian Frotscher
5 Pierre Yves Bian
6 Max Gaube
7 Kamil Holan
8 Anders Blacha
9 Davy Thoonen
10 Sebastian Reinisch
11 Henrik Voit
12 Kai Zentner
13 Martin Riedl
14 Stefan Wauter
15 Benjamin Beume
16 Laurent Hoffmann
17 Vladimir Snajdr
18 Wayne Bourgeais
19 Daniel Schmidt
20 Lukas Svoboda
21 Mike Ceuppens
22 Stefan Hofer

Words by Stevie Rial