IRRC 2023: Provisional Horice SBK/Supersport Fields Disclosed

IRRC 2023: Provisional Horice SBK/Supersport Fields Disclosed

In below ten days time, the IRRC (International Road Racing Championship) scene travels to the Czech Republic’s most famous, active real roads circuit, Horice.

36 racers at present are due to tackle Superbike, Supersport races at Horice with fifteen nations having representation.

The UK challenge is topped by Never Be Clever Racing’s Rhys Hardisty, Forest Dunn and three-plate holder for this year’s Junior Manx Grand Prix, Jamie Williams.

King of Imatra Erno Kostamo, Horice lap record holder David Datzer, Michal ‘Indi’ Dokoupil are also entered as are the present crème de la crème of IRRC racing.

This includes Superbike, Supersport Championship pace setters Lukas Maurer, Marek Cerveny, nearest pursuers Didier Grams, Patrick Hoff, Performance Racing Achterhoek’s Jorn Hamberg, Team Schleizer Dreieck’s Sebastian Frotscher.

The full at present IRRC Horice Supersport/Superbike entry lists, read as follows:

(Title sponsor/sponsors located near racer’s name)


Lukas Maurer – Maurer Racing
Didier Grams – G&G Motorsport by BMW Motorrad
Patrick Hoff – Neumann Racing
Nico Muller – Muller Motorsport by Edeka Meisel
Paul Manx – Van Eijs Technical Support
Pontus Roestlinger – PoEm Racing
Virgil Amber Bloemhard – Performance Racing Achterhoek
Ales Nechvatal – Dafit Motoracing
Sylvester Kristensen – SRT-Racing

Luca Gottardi – Syntainics Racing by Penz 13
Jiri Petrla – KRTZ Motorsport
Rhys Hardisty – Never Be Clever Racing
Markus Karlsson – Hoffmann by MRP
Lasse Karki – Team Vuokrakontti
Erno Kostamo – 38 Motorsport Syntainics
Morgan Baplu – Vodden En Been Racing Team
Johannes Schwimmbeck – MTP Racing
Martin Horky – Dafit Motoracing

David Datzer – MTP Racing by Syntainics
Marek Stibor – Stibor Racing
Rob Van Eijs – Van Eijs Technical Support
Reinhard Strack – Mogli Racing Team
Mike Ceuppens – Texas Motors
Jan Myslivecek – Kuzma Racing Ducati Team
Kamil Holan – Blue Garage
Olivier Lupberger – Team Moto Meile/Lupberger
Karel Pesek – Uniserv Moto 82

Emil Krchnavy – ZD-Motorsport
Dirk Walter – DWR99
Christoph Kreller – KRC Racing Crew
Forest Dunn – Never Be Clever Racing
Wally Jacobs – Rob Van Eijs
Florian Astner –
Steven Bellavoine – Steven Bellavoine
Rene Grundei – ZSG-Racing
Christian Steinhauser – Motoclub Neumarkt


Marek Cerveny – WRP Wepol Racing Parts
Jorn Hamberg – Performance Racing Achterhoek
Ilja Caljouw – Performance Racing Achterhoek
Matthieu Pauchard – MC Racle Bitume
Rico Vetter – VRP Vetter Racing Performance
Thomas Wendel – Racing
Karel Brandtner – Blue Garage Racing Team
Nicolas Therouin – ProSpeed MotoSport
Mike Ceuppens – Texas Motors
Ales Sykora – Unicorn Racing Team

Thomas Stripp – BioSan Racing
Robert Rohde – Robdorfer Racing Team
Michal Dokoupil – Indi Racing
Matous Ondrusz – Motopark Ostrava
Yannik Jacops – SJL Racing International Road Race Team
Rhys Hardisty – Never Be Clever Racing
Jakub Sprojcar – TTRace
Sebastian Frotscher – Team Schleizer Dreieck
Tomas Toth – Garo Racing
Anssi Koski – AK 51 Racing Team

Wolfgang Schuster – Schuster Road Racing
Frantisek Loucka – Frantisek Loucka
Kamil Holan – Hefty 74
Petr Najman – Festa Laserscanning Europe by PSB
Lukas Vaclavovic – TTRace
Forest Dunn – Never Be Clever Racing
Jamie Williams – JLG/NCE Racing
Tobias Grunzinger – Wula Road Racing
Marian Blazek – Road Racing Team 97
Peter Lionel – Team Peter Racing

Gregory Botty – BG Racing
Jerome Bagard – Three Six Eight Road Racing
Romain Cleaz Savoyen – RCS Team
Tiziano Rosati – Holy Hemp Racing Team
Miroslav Sloboda – Laki RT 53
Mauro Poncini – Team Manici Racing

Photo credit: Madli Hanson

Words by Stevie Rial #dontletfearcontrolyou

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