• June 13, 2024
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My name is Stevie Rial and I am the Editor/Lead Reporter at Road Racing News.

Our informative site will provide you with all the latest news on pure road racing, including exclusive news stories, live updates, race reviews and the most up-to-date news around motorcycle racers and their teams.

Road Racing News started out as a humble blog, written by myself every day and has now grown and expanded to the official Road Racing News website.

Our news articles will incorporate all the riders in the paddock, every competitor will have a platform, plus exclusive photographs taken by Steve Rial of Road Racing News, Rod Neill of Bike Sport Photos and Louis Ashley Porter of LAP Concepts.

Over a quarter of a million people have followed Road Racing News in its first year in more than a hundred countries and still is one of the fastest growing news sites on pure motorcycle road racing.

In 2014 I have written over 600 articles on www.roadracingnews.co.uk, so lots to keep all you racing enthusiasts interested!

Special thanks to Sam Topham, ION Square, for all his help.

And, most importantly huge thanks to the riders and teams who give the information, captivating us all with fantastic racing on pure roads.