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Valvoline Racing By Padgetts Motorcycles Team All Set For The 2015 Road Racing Season

The Valvoline racing by Padgetts motorcycles team are all set for the 2015 road racing season where they will be once again running Bruce Anstey and John McGuinness.

2014 has been another memorable year of racing for Padgetts racing which has included Bruce Anstey’s new TT lap record with lap speed of 132.298 mph, two wins at the Ulster Grand Prix including feature superbike race victory plus John McGuinness second place finish in Steve Henshaw international gold cup.

Another standout moment for the hugely successful team in 2014 was Bruce Anstey’s formula 1 classic TT victory when competing on YZR 500 Yamaha which captured the imagination of the fans at this years classic TT races.


Photo by Road Racing News

For 2015 Bruce will be aiming to add his tally of nine TT victories, the 29 times international road race winner has a long held ambition of winning superbike and senior TT races and in 2015 there’s every chance he could achieve a goal he has had for a long time.

Despite this season been a tricky one for John McGuinness due to a wrist injury the TT legend is greatly looking forward to next season where he will be looking to get back on the podium at the North West 200 plus pushing for victories on the mountain course at TT 2015.


Photo by Road Racing News

Alongside competing at TT 2015, North West 200 and Ulster Grand Prix the Valvoline racing by Padgetts motorcycles team are also set to return to Oliver’s Mount where both John McGuinness and Bruce Anstey will be in contention for gold cup glory.


Photo by Rod Neill

In the last eight years Padgetts racing have amassed 11 TT victories, eight Ulster Grand Prix victories and two North West 200 victories proving why they are considered to be amongst the best pure road racing teams in the world, the success for the popular team looks set to continue in 2015.

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