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TT 2019: Holden/Cain Head Opening Timed Sidecar Practice, Next Gen Crews Impress

In cool, blustery but all round decent conditions on the magical Mountain Course roads, it was Silicone Barnes Racing’s John Holden/Lee Cain who set the pace in a high quality opening Sidecar practice session of TT 2019.

Holden/Cain’s standing start lap speed of 114.99 mph was more than enough to propel them to the top of the time sheets, as they underlined why they are considered one of a select group of crews who are capable of winning both of next weeks Sidecar encounters.

Photo by Mark Corlett

Second quickest behind Holden/Cain, were the Rowtec Engineering supported duo of Pete Founds/Jevan Walmsley.

Having gone into TT 2019 it has to be said a touch under the radar, Founds/Walmsley (114.40) showcased this evening why they are not to be underestimated, and that’s there’s no doubt that they have the capabilities to contend in early June for rostrum finishes.

Third quickest this evening were Alan Founds/Jake Lowther (112.35), whilst Tim Reeves/Mark Wilkes (112.35) opened their latest TT tenure in solid style, by finishing fourth fastest.

Three wheeling TT legends Ben Birchall/Tom Birchall (111.55) took sixth spot on tonight’s times sheet, behind another hungry, ambitious next generation driver/passenger partnership, the improving duo of Lewis Blackstock/Patrick Rosney (111.80).

Rounding out the ten quickest crews tonight were ultra impressive Mountain Course debutants Ryan Crowe/Callum Crowe (109.76), Conrad Harrison/Andy Winkle (108.95), Gary Bryan/Phil Hyde (108.54) and Optimark Road Racing’s Estelle Leblond/Frank Claeys (108.38).

Dave Molyneux/Harry Payne’s TT 2019 quest began with the Yamaha powered pair, not completing any timed laps, as there standing start lap saw them drop out of contention at Laurel Bank, whilst in total just 35 crews completed this evening timed practice laps.

Tuesday evening Sidecar practice results, are as follows:

1 John Holden/Lee Cain 114.99
2 Pete Founds/Jevan Walmsley 114.40
3 Alan Founds/Jake Lowther 112.35
4 Tim Reeves/Mark Wilkes 112.35
5 Lewis Blackstock/Patrick Rosney 111.80
6 Ben Birchall/Tom Birchall 111.55
7 Ryan Crowe/Callum Crowe 109.76
8 Conrad Harrison/Andy Winkle 108.95
9 Gary Bryan/Phil Hyde 108.54
10 Estelle Leblond/Frank Claeys 108.38
11 Allan Schofield/Steve Thomas 107.88
12 Darren Hope/Lenny Bumfrey 105.68
13 John Saunders/James Saunders 105.53
14 John Lowther/Scott Hardie 105.14
15 Craig Melvin/Stuart Christian 105.02
16 Greg Lambert/Ben McBride 104.97
17 Wayne Lockey/Mark Sayers 104.32
18 Mick Alton/Steve Bonney 104.20
19 Gary Knight/Daniel Evanson 104.16
20 Steve Ramsden/Matty Ramsden 102.68
21 Gary Gibson/Daryl Gibson 102.50
22 Michael Jackson/Sarah Stokoe 102.32
23 Bruce Moore/Ashley Moore 101.72
24 Nicholas Dukes/William Moralee 101.39
25 Roy Tansley/Jason O’Connor 101.23
26 Francois Leblond/Marlene Couillard 100.79
27 Andy King/Alun Thomas 100.24
28 Dan Knight/Matthew Rostron 99.75
29 Maria Costello MBE/Julie Canipa 99.37
30 Dave Quirk/Karl Schofield 97.93
31 Gordon Shand/Tony Belsey 97.31
32 Robert Handcock/Ken Edwards 97.02
33 John Shipley/Andrew Haynes 96.14
34 Nigel Smith/Chris McGahan 94.69
35 Kevin Thornton/David Hainsworth 93.49
36 Mark Saunders/Julie Grosset Bourbange 92.87
37 Kevin Morgan/Steve Morgan 85.67 – Words by Stevie Rial