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Tom Weeden’s Memorable Spring Cup National Road Races

Tom Weeden had a memorable 2015 Spring Cup National Road Races.

Competing on his own teams 675 Daytona Triumph Tom began the weekend’s action with hgihgly creditable seventh position in opening junior A race.


Spring cup A final first leg would see Tom secure another seventh place finish as he showed more top form around the mount as he finished leading supersport 600 mounted rider.

Second spring cup A final race began with Tom by the end of opening lap moving into second position.


From here he kept up a ultra rapid pace in challenging conditions around Oliver’s Mount to record second place finish, Tom finished in front of multiple world class road racers which included Ivan Lintin, Guy Martin and Dean Harrison.

Following this result Tom was confirmed as third place finisher overall from spring cup A final races.

The rising road racing star was absolutely delighted with third place finish.


He is planning to return to the mount at the Barry Sheene Festival Powered By Suzuki in June whilst next road race meeting on the horizon for Tom is the Vauxhall International North West 200.

Ever since making his Oliver’s Mount debut at the spring cup in 2013 Tom Weeden has gone from strength to strength around the hugely popular road race circuit.

His results at the 2015 Spring Cup National Road Races are further proof as to why he is regarded as a future international road race winner.

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