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Stats: Quickest Ulster GP Racers Per Nation

Following on from my fastest TT racers per nation article, it’s now time to showcase the quickest racers per nation at the world’s fastest road race, the Ulster Grand Prix.

In recent days I’ve compiled a list of the fastest Ulster GP pilots ranging from England to Portugal to Belgium to the Netherlands to Australia.

The list comprising of 17 nations quickest competitors around the fast, flowing roads of Dundrod, reads as follows:

(PB Ulster GP lap speed located near racers name)

England: Peter Hickman 136.415
Isle of Man: Dan Kneen 134.541
New Zealand: Bruce Anstey 134.396
Northern Ireland: Michael Dunlop 133.979
Scotland: Keith Amor 133.435
Australia: Cameron Donald 133.401
Republic of Ireland: Derek Sheils 132.041
Wales: Ian Lougher 130.873
Austria: Horst Saiger 127.833

France: Xavier Denis 128.237
Spain: Raul Torras Martinez 124.707
USA: Patricia Fernandez 121.130
Czech Republic: Kamil Holan 121.556
Belgium: Laurent Hoffmann 123.782
Portugal: Nuno Caetano 124.163
Netherlands: Jochem Van Den Hoek 124.883
Germany: Christian Schmitz 118.788

Words by Stevie Rial