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Stats: Quickest Terlicko Supersport Racers Per Nation

Returning today to Road Racing News quickest racers per nation series, is the exhilarating, pulsating, high speed Terlicko roads course.

During recent days I’ve compiled a list of the fastest Supersport exponents at Terlicko, ranging from Belgium to the Netherlands to Slovakia to Denmark to Finland to Poland.

The list comprising of 12 nations most rapid competitors around Terlicko that is located close to the Czech Republic/Poland border, reads as follows:

(PB lap time located near racers name)

Czech Republic: Marek Cerveny 2.17.007 (Supersport lap record holder)
Austria: Horst Saiger 2.17.588
Slovakia: David Hanzalik 2.21.217
Denmark: Anders Blacha 2.30.072
Belgium: Laurent Hoffmann 2.19.191
France: Matthieu Lagrive 2.18.941

Switzerland: Lukas Maurer 2.20.975
Germany: Christian Schmitz 2.20.381
Finland: Juha Kallio 2.23.815
Netherlands: Ilja Caljouw 2.23.264
Italy: Luca Gottardi 2.21.848
Poland: Krystian Paluch 2.29.556

Special thanks again to Czech road racing aficionado Jan Vavra, without whom articles like this wouldn’t be possible.

Words by Stevie Rial #dontletfearcontrolyou