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Oliver’s Mount Top 8: Lewis Bramwell

A triple top three finisher at the Spring Cup National Road Races from 2017, Sheffield’s Lewis Bramwell is the next racer to take part in Road Racing News growing in popularity, Oliver’s Mount Top 8 series.

Set to this August make his Manx Grand Prix, Mountain Course debut’s, his answers to the Scarborough themed set of questions are as follows:

Q1: First memory of Oliver’s Mount?

“My first memory of Oliver’s Mount was when I first went to watch Owen and Gary Graves, on CB500’s in 2016!”

Q2: Favourite part about racing at the mount?

“Favourite part about it is, how close the racing is and how close you get to the spectators.”

Q3: Favourite section of Scarborough course?

“Mere Hairpin, then up Sheene’s Rise.”

Q4: Best moment thus far at Scarborough?

“Other than getting a few top 3 finishes, the best moment for me was lining up on the grid, with the best road racers in the world.”

Q5: All time Scarborough racing hero?

“Dean Harrison is the man to beat there, but Daley (Mathison) was without doubt the guy with the most style and I found most entertaining!”

Q6: Is there one machine in particular that you would like to race at Scarborough?

“I’d love around there a go on an old 500 two stroke!”

Q7: One word to describe Oliver’s Mount?


Q8: Most respected racing rival at Scarborough?

“Callum Ward”

Words by Stevie Rial