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Michael Russell’s Sidecar TT Dream

2009 Senior Manx GP winner Michael Russell is planning to take on a monumental enterprising challenge in 2019, that of becoming one of a very, very select few competitors like the legendary Freddie Dixon to have competed on solo and Sidecar machinery at the TT Races.

Set to steadily increase his experience of three wheeling machinery next year, via various tests and competition in the Hyundai Heavy Industries British Sidecar Championship, he’s linking up with former top five TT finishing passenger Shaun Parker for his enterprising project.

Photo by Jim Gibson

Team wise ‘Jack Russell’ is set to compete for the True Heroes Racing team, which consists of ex and current forces members, who are recovering from mental and physical injuries.

Speaking about his prospective participation in not only the Sidecar races, but also all solo races at TT 2019, the two times Manx GP winner said:

“I am aiming to become the first person to race every class in the same year. My aim is of course to finish every race too and a few good results in the taking is planned.”

Prior to TT 2019, next season will see the Mountain Course stalwart take on in addition to the British Sidecar series a new challenge in the form of the Ducati Tri Options Cup, which as with his three wheeling venture sees him link up with True Heroes Racing.

Words by Stevie Rial