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Jurby Roads Events Anticipated To Join 2020 Road Racing Calendar

Nine years after leaving the closed roads calendar, road race events at Jurby are hoped to return in 2020 following confirmation from the Andreas Racing Association.

4.25 miles long, the Jurby South circuit can only be described as a ‘proper’ road race circuit. Bumpy in it’s nature, many a future successful TT/Manx GP competitor has made their pure road racing debut at Jurby.

Photo by Mike Yiend

Leading names to have competed at the Jurby South meeting have included the late but great Dan Kneen, Guy Martin, 250/350 class lap record holder Gary Radcliffe (pictured above), Sidecar TT legend Dave Molyneux 2013 Newcomers B Manx GP winner Callum Collister, Nick Crowe, Mark Parrett, Alan Jackson, Ryan Kneen and Dan Sayle.

Others from Manx shores to have competed include the hugely missed Gary Carswell, Stephen Oates, Paul Hunt, Mick Charnock, Paul Duckett, Nigel Beattie and 2009 newcomers A Manx GP race winner Sean Murphy.

Looking towards proposed Jurby roads action for 2020, events are hoped to take place from May 23rd-24th, July 11th and the 15th-16th of August.

All events will carry Three Legs of Man Championship and Classic Road Race Championship status and all being well will attract high calibre, top draw entry lists.

It’s great news that the roads scene is set to embark again upon Jurby. As aforementioned competition at Jurby helps in bringing through the Manx roads stars of tomorrow and there’s no doubt various up coming racers will be relishing the opportunity of sampling next year’s proposed events.

Words by Stevie Rial