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IRRC Horice: Cerveny Dominates As Le Grelle Closes In On Second Superbike Title

Securing his first IRRC Superbike victories, Marek Cerveny dominated both premier class encounters at Horice.

At one with the Wepol/Safemetal Racing BMW, Marek showcased today why he is regarded by many as one of the Czech Republic’s all time pure roads greats.

Race wins today have also made him main challenger to two times IRRC Superbike champion elect Sebastien Le Grelle, going into the final of the round of the season at Frohburg.

Photo by Robby Repsol

Herpigny Motors BMW Motorrad Belux’s Le Grelle had by his standards a low key but also extremely productive day, wrapping up third and second place finishes.

His championship lead now stands at 30 points over Cerveny, whilst four times champion Didier Grams second in race 1, dropped to over 46 points behind his illustrious counterpart following a tough race 2, which saw him finish fifth.

Supersport winner Kamil Holan took the McRace BMW to two highly creditable fourth place finishes, as others to enjoy a solid day at Horice included podium finisher in race 2 Petr Biciste, Markka Racing’s Erno Kostamo, Timo Schoenhals and Nadieh Schoots.

Full results, from both IRRC Superbike races at Horice, are as follows:

Superbike Race 1:

1 Marek Cerveny
2 Didier Grams
3 Sebastien Le Grelle
4 Kamil Holan
5 Petr Biciste
6 Erno Kostamo
7 Johan Fredriks
8 Pavel Tomecek
9 Josef Luksik
10 Ales Nechvatal
11 Juha Kallio
12 Timo Schoenhals
13 Nadieh Schoots
14 Tomas Myslivecek
15 Stefan Holz
16 Jiri Petrla
17 David Datzer
18 Hanno Brandenburger
19 Nico Muller
20 John Pilloud
21 Herve Somson
22 Marek Stibor
23 Dirk Kaletsch
24 Paul Manx
25 Jean Pierre Polet

Superbike Race 2:

1 Marek Cerveny
2 Sebastien Le Grelle
3 Petr Biciste
4 Kamil Holan
5 Didier Grams
6 Erno Kostamo
7 Johan Fredriks
8 Pavel Tomecek
9 Josef Luksik
10 Timo Schoenhals
11 Ales Nechvatal
12 Nadieh Schoots
13 Stefan Holz
14 Jiri Petrla
15 Tomas Myslivecek
16 Hanno Brandenburger
17 John Pilloud
18 Nico Muller
19 Marek Stibor
20 Herve Somson
21 Dirk Kaletsch

Words by Stevie Rial