IRRC Chimay Supersport/Superbike Entry Lists Disclosed

IRRC Chimay Supersport/Superbike Entry Lists Disclosed

Next week sees the 2022 IRRC (International Road Racing Championship) series travel to Belgium’s most acclaimed active roads circuit, Circuit De Chimay.

32, 45 racers respectively are set to tackle Supersport, Superbike competition at Chimay, with 14 nations enjoying representation.

The UK’s challenge is led by IRRC newcomer, improving Irish roads exponent Darryl Anderson and Austin Wren.

Manx GP rostrum finisher, the Isle of Man’s Jamie Williams is also entered as is Championship contenders David Datzer, Imatranajo conqueror Erno Kostamo, Performance Racing Achterhoek’s Jorn Hamberg.

Added notable entrants include Lukas Maurer, Marek Cerveny, Thomas Walther, home event favourite, Vincent Lonbois and top French road racer Xavier Denis.

The full at present IRRC Chimay Supersport/Superbike entry lists, are as follows:


Jorn Hamberg – Performance Racing Achterhoek
Marek Cerveny – WRP/AAB Racing
Thomas Walther – Team Schleizer Dreieck
Christian Schmitz – LSE Racing
Ilja Caljouw – Performance Racing Achterhoek
Julien Cregniot – Les Tarbou
Nicolas Therouin – ProSpeed MotoSport
Erwan Bannwart – SB Racing Team
Thomas Wendel – Racing
Amalric Blanc – Team B&M

Rico Vetter – VRP Vetter Racing Performance
Darryl Anderson – Never Be Clever Racing
Robert Rohde – Rossdorfer Racing Team
Sebastian Frotscher – Team Schleizer Dreieck
Anssi Koski – AK 51 Racing Team
Stefan Wauter – Closed Roads Racing
Petr Najman – Festa Profesionalni Naradi by NCR
Thierry Vanhollebeke – Tich Racing
Anders Blacha – Road Racing Team Blacha
Gerald Dath

Jamie Williams – JLG Racing/NCE Racing
Gregory Botty – BG Racing
Xavier Denis – PerformanX
Andreas Jochum – TTSL_Sued.deKAMA-Tec
Austin Wren – DWAI Racing
Jerome Bagard – Three Six Eight Road Racing
Romain Cleaz Savoyen – RCS Team
Fabrice Faure – FF Racin Team
Mauro Poncini – Manici Racing Team
Patrick Glauser – GRT
Kevin Rigot – Kiiwii Racing Team
Benjamin Beume – Flying Farmer Racing Team


David Datzer – MTP Racing by Syntainics Penz 13
Erno Kostamo – Penz 13
Lukas Maurer – Maurer Racing
Didier Grams – G&G Motorsport by BMW Motorrad
Nico Muller – Muller Motorsport by Edeka Meisel
Patrick Vander eecken – Pure Capital Racing
Pontus Roestlinger – PoEm Racing
Antoine Brault – KART
Marko Sinkkonen – Gruppo Finlandese Racing Team
Ilja Caljouw – Performance Racing Achterhoek

Karl Verandah – Rob Van Eijs Technical Support
Virgil Amber Bloemnhard – Performance Racing Achterhoek
Patrick Hoff – Neumamn Racing
Darryl Anderson – Never Be Clever Racing
Cedric Assouvie – Team Gazzz 58
Luca Gottardi – Penz 13
Martin Riedl – Murtanio Racing
Markus Karlsson – Hoffmann by MRP
Eddy Ferre – Racing Team 38
Yannik Jacops – SJL Racing International Road Race Team

Davy Maes – DM43 Mototech
Johannes Schwimmbeck – MTP Racing
Reinhard Strack – Mogli Racing
Joey Den Besten – Motorradtechnik Geenen GmbH
Mike Ceuppens – Texas Motors
Rob Van Eijs – Van Eijs Technical Support
Kamil Holan – Blue Garage
Hanno Brandenburger – MHB Racing
Stephane Bednarek – F.R.T
Thijs Peeters – Peeters Racing

Olivier Lupberger – Team Moto Meile/Lupberger
Emil Krchnavy – ZD-Motorsport
Aku Korhonen – Pikku2-Racing
Jean Pierre Polet – JP Racing Team
John Ross Billega – TMC 35
Vincent Lonbois – Mototech
Gabriel Pons – IteM17-Innovation Technique Moto
Laurent Hoffmann – Hoffmann by MRP
Xavier Denis – PerformanX
Andreas Jochum – TTSL_Sued.deKAMA-Tec

Marcel Elsner – Team Ecki Powered by Schuttflix
Koen Brusten – Tibos Racing Team
Amalric Blanc – Team B&M
Rene Grundei – ZSG Racing
Salvatore Sallustro – 4S Riding School ASD

Photo credit: Nick Wheeler

Words by Stevie Rial #dontletfearcontrolyou

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