IRRC Chimay: Race Day Analysis – The Results, The Competition, The Super Heroes Feats Chronicled

IRRC Chimay: Race Day Analysis – The Results, The Competition, The Super Heroes Feats Chronicled

IRRC Superbike Race 1:

Wepol Road Racing’s Davey Todd widened his IRRC Superbike Championship lead after taking the honours in the opening Superbike encounter at Circuit De Chimay.

Involved in a high-quality battle for honours with qualifying victor Erno Kostamo, just over 0.2 of a second covered the leading duo prior to red flags entering the horizon.

The red flags arose on lap 5, following an incident involving leading Finnish roads exponent Kostamo.

Despite less than fifty percent race distance been covered, organisers made the decision to determine the race result based upon riders positions at the end of lap 4.

2018 TT Privateers champion Todd was declared the race winner with Didier Grams, Marek Cerveny joining him on the podium after faller Kostamo was omitted from the race result.

Lukas Maurer got the better of David Datzer for fourth, event wildcard Christophe Guerouah finished a good sixth, as Performance Racing’s Achterhoek’s Virgil Amber Bloemhard, Tomas Borovka, Xavier Denis, Pavel Tomecek concluded the top ten finishers.

IRRC Chimay: Superbike race 1 result, is as follows:

1 Davey Todd
2 Didier Grams
3 Marek Cerveny
4 Lukas Maurer
5 David Datzer
6 Christophe Guerouah
7 Virgil-Amber Bloemhard
8 Tomas Borovka
9 Xavier Denis
10 Pavel Tomecek
11 Ales Nechvatal
12 Kamil Holan
13 Gian Bianco
14 Hanno Brandenburger
15 Kevin Neyt
16 Vassilios Takos
17 Morgan Baplui
18 Yannik Jacops
19 Jean Pierre Polet
20 Rob Van Eijs
21 Foti Psomadakis
22 Mike Ceuppens
23 Kurt Haek
24 Patrik Vostarek
25 Thomas Berghammer
26 Davy Maes

IRRC Superbike Race 2:

Ran this time to full distance, the second IRRC Superbike race of Sunday’s competition at Circuit De Chimay would see Davey Todd reign supreme.

In formidable form, the IRRC Superbike series leader powered to a seventh victory of the season, taking the race spoils by nigh on six seconds and ending with a race winning margin of 5.986 over lead chaser Didier Grams.

Photo via – Wepol Road Racing Facebook page

Going through the pain barrier, Erno Kostamo showed true grit to secure a hard-earned rostrum finish in front of Czech roads great Marek Cerveny.

Switzerland’s Lukas Maurer finished fifth, David Datzer secured a second top six placing whilst positions 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th were claimed respectively by Christophe Guerouah, Optimark Road Racing’s Xavier Denis, Virgil Amber Bloemhard and rising Czech road racing talent Tomas Borovka.

IRRC Chimay: Superbike Race 2 result, is as follows:

1 Davey Todd
2 Didier Grams
3 Erno Kostamo
4 Marek Cerveny
5 Lukas Maurer
6 David Datzer
7 Christophe Guerouah
8 Xavier Denis
9 Virgil-Amber Bloemhard
10 Tomas Borovka
11 Marnix D’Hondt
12 Pavel Tomecek
13 Kamil Holan
14 Ales Nechvatal
15 Jean Pierre Polet
16 Yannik Jacops
17 Vassilios Takos
18 Hanno Brandenburger
19 Morgan Baplui

IRRC Supersport Race 1:

It’s fair to say Italy’s Luca Gottardi sprung a big surprise by becoming just the third racer this year to join the IRRC Supersport race winners circle.

The first of two 10 lap Supersport encounters saw the highly rated Gottardi dominate and some, claiming the race honours by just over 34 seconds!

Runner-up to the inspired Gottardi was event wildcard John Pilloud who edged out Optimark Road Racing’s Xavier Denis in the battle for second.

Finland’s Anssi Koski placed fourth, Erwan Bannwart secured fifth, David Datzer banked sixth as Ilja Caljouw, Belgian roads legend Laurent Hoffmann, LSE Racing’s Christian Schmitz and Thierry Vanhollebeke wrapped up the first ten finishers.

A major notable retirement from the ten-lap race was Wepol Road Racing’s Matthieu Lagrive, who’s record of finishing at least second or better in every round of this year’s IRRC Supersport Championship, concluded.

IRRC Chimay: Supersport Race 1 result, is as follows:

1 Luca Gottardi
2 John Pilloud
3 Xavier Denis
4 Anssi Koski
5 Erwan Bannwart
6 David Datzer
7 Ilja Caljouw
8 Laurent Hoffmann
9 Christian Schmitz
10 Thierry Vanhollebeke
11 Kamil Holan
12 Yann Galli
13 Richard Mestre
14 Kai Zentner
15 Lloyd Collins
16 Francesco Mastrullo
17 Robert Rohde
18 Jimmy Wauters
19 Christian Weirig

IRRC Supersport Race 2:

Making up for the disappointment of a non-finish within the previous Supersport race, Matthieu Lagrive was back into the groove in the second 10 lap IRRC Supersport race.

Showcasing again the form that makes him a very strong favourite for a second successive IRRC Supersport title, there was no stopping the affable Frenchman who finished despite starting from 15th on the grid, just over six seconds clear of lead series title challenger Laurent Hoffmann.

Optimark Road Racing’s Xavier Denis finalised the podium finishers, whilst Performance Racing Achterhoek’s Ilja Caljouw enjoyed a strong run to fourth in front of LSE Racing’s Christian Schmitz, and the in-form David Datzer.

Rounding out the top ten finishers were Anssi Koski, Sebastian Frotscher, Erwan Bannwart and leading Pikes Peak International Hill Climb newcomer Kamil Holan.

IRRC Chimay: Supersport race 2 result, is as follows:

1 Matthieu Lagrive
2 Laurent Hoffman
3 Xavier Denis
4 Ilja Caljouw
5 Christian Schmitz
6 David Datzer
7 Anssi Koski
8 Sebastian Frotscher
9 Erwan Bannwart
10 Kamil Holan
11 Richard Mestre
12 Kai Zentner
13 Lloyd Collins
14 Thierry Vanhollebeke
15 Francesco Mastrullo
16 Christian Weirig
17 Robert Rohde

Words by Stevie Rial

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