Imatranajo: IRRC Qualifying Round Up

Imatranajo: IRRC Qualifying Round Up

After practice yesterday, the pace rocketed up around Imatranajo today in the IRRC qualifying sessions, ahead of the opening races of the weekend.

IRRC Supersport:

Pierre Yves Bian powered to IRRC Supersport pole, lapping at 1 minute 57.502 seconds to finish over a second clear, of his nearest pursuers.

Joey Den Besten lead the challenge to the on top form Frenchman, whilst Kopcany 600 winner Wolfgang Schuster and fellow German Thomas Walther where closely matched in finishing third and fourth fastest.

Christian Schmitz was next up on the time sheets just in front of Jochen Rotter and Ilja Caljouw, who was the only remaining rider to lap under 2 minutes.

Kamil Holan finished eighth quickest, as MV Agusta mounted Pauli Pekkanen and two times IRRC Supersport champion Laurent Hoffmann completed the ten fastest qualifiers.

Combined qualifying results within the IRRC Supersport class, are as follows:

1 Pierre Yves Bian 1.57.502
2 Joey Den Besten 1.58.575
3 Wolfgang Schuster 1.58.880
4 Thomas Walther 1.58.920
5 Christian Schmitz 1.59.766
6 Jochen Rotter 1.59.847
7 Ilja Caljouw 1.59.864
8 Kamil Holan 2.00.146
9 Pauli Pekkanen 2.00.613
10 Laurent Hoffmann 2.00.945
11 Max Gaube 2.01.190
12 Sammy Ahonen 2.01.517
13 Erwan Bannwart 2.01.734
14 Tapio Mustonen 2.01.917
15 Anssi Koski 2.02.017
16 Alex Ruggieri 2.02.586
17 Sebastian Frotscher 2.03.164
18 Miroslav Sloboda 2.03.232
19 Henrik Voit 2.03.623
20 Davy Thoonen 2.03.950
21 Pertti Lindegren 2.04.209
22 Mikko Uski 2.04.618
23 Ilari Nieminen 2.05.069
24 Vladimir Snajdr 2.05.627
25 Jukka Hintsala 2.06.493
26 Mike Ceuppens 2.06.731
27 Stefan Wauter 2.07.731

IRRC Superbike:

Sebastien Le Grelle dipped under the 1 minute 52 second mark, in charging to IRRC Superbike pole at Imatra.

Former British Supersport championship competitor Pauli Pekkanen impressed in finishing second quickest, in front of Czech roads legend Marek Cerveny.

Michael Rutter fourth fastest is getting more and more at home at Imatranajo, showcased by just outpacing local hero Erno Kostamo.

Photo courtesy of Jarmo Heikkeri

The Lightweight TT winners Penz 13 BMW team mates Alex Polita and Dan Kneen sixth and seventh on the time sheets, where separated by just 0.161 in qualifying, as both lapped quicker than multiple times IRRC SBK champion Didier Grams.

Rounding out the top ten within qualifying was Juha Kallio and the enthusiastic David Datzer.

Combined qualifying results within the IRRC Superbike class, are as follows:

1 Sebastien Le Grelle 1.51.957
2 Pauli Pekkanen 1.53.176
3 Marek Cerveny 1.53.362
4 Michael Rutter 1.53.396
5 Erno Kostamo 1.53.451
6 Alex Polita 1.53.468
7 Dan Kneen 1.53.629
8 Didier Grams 1.54.243
9 Juha Kallio 1.55.259
10 David Datzer 1.55.294
11 Kamil Holan 1.55.320
12 Jani Ratto 1.56.196
13 Petr Biciste 1.56.532
14 Lukas Maurer 1.56.601
15 Magnus Collin 1.57.099
16 Vladimir Strelnik 1.57.234
17 Johan Fredriks 1.57.267
18 Martin Partelpoig 1.57.325
19 Pavel Tomecek 1.57.404
20 Marko Ratto 1.57.455

Words by Stevie Rial

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