Horice: Fastest Racers Per Nation Update Take Two

Horice: Fastest Racers Per Nation Update Take Two

During recent days, Czech road racing aficionado Jan Vavra has compiled an up-to-date list of the fastest racers per nation at Horice.

The list comprising of 26 nations most rapid Horice exponents, reads as follows:

(Personal best lap time located near racers name)

Germany: David Datzer – 2.13.141 (Superbike)
Switzerland: Lukas Maurer – 2.13.983 (Superbike)
England: Danny Webb – 2.14.294 (Superbike)
Finland: Erno Kostamo – 2.14.735 (Superbike)

Czech Republic: Marek Cerveny – 2.14.761 (Superbike)
Belgium: Vincent Lonbois – 2.15.184 (Superbike)
Netherlands: Joey den Besten – 2.15.721 (Superbike)
Sweden: Markus Karlsson – 2.16.967 (Superbike)

Northern Ireland: Michael Pearson – 2.17.445 (Superbike)
Republic of Ireland: Derek Sheils – 2.17.971 (Superbike)
France: Jonathan Goetschy – 2.18.122 (Superbike)
Italy: Luca Gottardi – 2.18.217 (Superbike)

Austria: Florian Astner – 2.19.158 (Superbike)
Slovakia: Tomas Toth – 2.19.213 (Superbike)
Isle of Man: Dan Kneen – 2.19.735 (Superbike)
Denmark: Anders Blacha – 2.21.722 (Supersport)

Wales: Rhys Hardisty – 2.22.432 (Superbike)
Hungary: Istvan Bezzegh – 2.25.029 (Superbike)
Greece: Vassilios Takos – 2.25.262 (Superbike)
Poland: Krystian Paluch – 2.26.783 (Supersport)

Zimbabwe: John Garlick – 2.33.194 (Superbike)
Australia: Eric Lenser – 2.39.628 (GP 250 cc)
Portugal: Nuno Caetano – 2.40.972 (GP 250 cc)

And unofficially (times only from practice sessions):

Luxembourg: Christian Weirig – 2.38.662 – (Supersport – Did not qualify)
Slovenia: Leonard Mesojedec – 2.40.625 – (Supersport – Did not start)
Russia: Denis Petrukhin – 3.39.963 – (Superbike – Did not qualify)

Photo credit: Nick Wheeler

Words by Jan Vavra

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