Fabled French Horice Speedsters

Fabled French Horice Speedsters

Special thanks to Czech Road Racing statistician Jan Vavra for putting together another fascinating stats based article, which revolves around 21st Century French racers circulating around the Czech Republic’s most acclaimed real roads circuit, Horice.

Jan’s recently compiled piece, reads as follows:

The first French rider participating in non-yesteryear races at Horice in 2008, was Jonathan Goetschy. Ten years after that ´La Buche´ set the quickest lap time (2.18.122) of all time by a French competitor at Horice.

To the present times 41 riders in total from the France have participated at Horice (not on classics machinery).

First sound of ´La Marseillaise´ at Horice for winning a race, was in 2014 within the 300 Curves of Gustav Havel event, when Pierre Favre took 250 GP race spoils.

Ex World Supersport rider Matthieu Lagrive has three wins from Czech TT+IRRC races and two wins from 300 Curves of Gustav Havel. Amalric Blanc is fastest Supersport newcomer in overall Horice history. Eddy Ferre, Vincent Guillermin and Pierre-Yves Bian were also very fast as Horice newcomers.

The rise of French road racing was illustrated this year on Manx shores, via Horice participants, Manx Grand Prix newcomers Julien Cregniot, Gerald Dath, Eddy Ferre, Cyril Lecocq and Kevin Rigot. Matthieu Lagrive was also a new addition to the TT Races entry-list.

They expand the list of great French riders who have tackled both Horice and either the Manx GP or TT Races.
To name but a few this includes:

Pierre-Yves Bian, John Ross Billega, Amalric Blanc, Wayne Bourgeais, Xavier Denis, Yann Galli, Jonathan Goetschy, Quentin Limousin, Fabrice Miguet, Timothee Monot, Franck Petricola and Richard Vuillermet.

There are some added racers from France who have sampled Classic machinery races at Horice, like Dimitri Gautret, Rene Lorre and Dominigue Euzenot.

The riders from France to have sampled Horice, read as follows:

Horice participants 2008-2023

(Personal best lap time located near racers name)

Jonathan Goetschy – 2.18.122

Pierre-Yves Bian – 2.18.480

Matthieu Lagrive – 2.18.757

Amalric Blanc – 2.19.589

Eddy Ferre – 2.19.612

Romain Cleaz-Savoyen – 2.19.831

Vincent Guillermin – 2.21.082

Julien Cregniot – 2.21.116

Kevin Rigot – 2.23.142

Eddy Maniguet – 2.23.549

Stephane Bednarek – 2.24.845

Steven Bellavoine – 2.25.063

Jerome Bagard – 2.25.124

Cyril Lecocq – 2.25.292

Yann Galli – 2.25.359

Gerald Dath – 2.25.375

Ludovic Paureau – 2.25.513

Wayne Bourgeais – 2.25.782

Fabrice Miguet – 2.25.789

John Ross Billega – 2.26.009

Herve Somson – 2.26.816

Boris Liegeois – 2.27.007

Ryan Trocherie – 2.27.437

Arnaud Motte – 2.27.721

Quentin Limousin – 2.27.807

Peter Lionel – 2.27.825

Franck Petricola – 2.28.721

Nicolas Therouin – 2.30.390

Richard Vuillermet – 2.31.011

Bernard Faivre – 2.31.515

Peter Hartmann – 2.31.705

Nicolas Robert – 2.31.835

Pierre Favre – 2.34.926

Fabrice Faivre – 2.38.104

Viviand Loic – 2.40.981

Ismael Benayad – 2.42.987

Patrick Alzinger – 2.43.426

Xavier Denis – 2.45.528 (set during practice session)

Timothee Monot – 2.49.084 / 2.39.049 (set during practice session)

Phillippe Delaunay – 2.49.267

Alexis Delaunay – 2.53.905

In memory of Fabrice Miguet, Franck Petricola and Pierre Favre.

Photo credit: Nick Wheeler

Words by Jan Vavra

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