Fabled Dutch Horice Speedsters

Fabled Dutch Horice Speedsters

Special thanks to Czech Road Racing statistician Jan Vavra for putting together another fascinating stats based article, which revolves around 21st Century Netherlands racers circulating around the Czech Republic’s most acclaimed real roads circuit, Horice.

Jan’s recently compiled piece, reads as follows:

The first Dutch riders participating in non-yesteryear races at Horice was probably in 1975 (Will Massop) and then in 1982 via regular participants in following years Jannes Ebeling and Harry Heutmekers.

Popular with spectators Harry Heutemekers was a pioneer at Horice, testing GP500cc, Superbike machinery for event organisers. He went onto take part in Superbike races and has three podium finishes to his credit.

Another great rider Andre Stamsnijder has two podium finishes with one second place in 250 cc race from 1989. The fast Dutch racer Henri Sala crashed from first position in this race in wet conditions.

To the present times unofficially 29 riders in total from the Netherlands have participated at Horice (not on classics machinery).

There has been an expand of Dutch riders nowadays, started after premiere of IRRC (International Road Racing Championship) at Horice in 2014.

Two times overall, the sound of the Dutch national anthem arose at Horice for winning a race (modern classes).

Dutch aces emerging victorious were Supersport victors Joey Den Besten in 2017 and Jorn Hamberg in 2023.

Joey den Besten set in 2022 the quickest lap time (2.15.721) of all time by a Dutch competitor at Horice and the 11th fastest lap in history. Jorn Hamberg (2.16.142) is Supersport lap record holder after last August’s IRRC affiliated competition.

Virgil-Amber Bloemhard (2.16.265), Johan Fredriks (2.17.849) and Jochem van den Hoek (2.18.379) were very fast already as newcomers with lap times near or below 2:22 seconds.

After improvements of personal best lap times, they are still on the list of top thirty Superbike lap times and top thirty newcomers in Horice history.

Nadieh Schoots (2.18.700) is overall fastest female in Horice. She has also had experience with the Macau GP, NW200 and Cookstown 100.

Previously featured 2014, 2017 IRRC Supersport Champion Joey Den Besten, Johan Fredriks and Jochem Van Den Hoek, Ilja Caljouw are also known for their Northwest 200 starts.

Fellow Horice participants Peter Heijmans, Michael Hofman, Olaf Romijn and showcased-above Van Den Hoek, Caljouw additionally boast TT, Manx GP experience.

Hofman and Van Den Hoek have also taken wins at Oliver’s Mount, Scarborough.

In terms of Dutch classic machinery races exponents at Horice, there is the likes of Jacob Imminga, Jarno Jonker, Nicolai Klinker, Jan Koning, Ep Van Paassen, Hans De Witt and Sidecar pilots Kobus Bouman and Hendrik Jonker.

The riders from Netherlands to have sampled Horice, read as follows:

Horice participants 2011-2023

(Personal best lap time located near racers name)

Joey den Besten – 2.15.721

Jorn Hamberg – 2.16.142

Virgil-Amber Bloemhard – 2.16.265

Johan Fredriks – 2.17.849

Jochem van den Hoek – 2.18.379

Ilja Caljouw – 2.18.473

Nadieh Schoots – 2.18.700

Wally Jacobs – 2.23.494

Frank Bakker – 2.24.552

Rob van Eijs – 2.24.569

Casper Voogt – 2.29.031

Toufik Bijenhof – 2.30.531

Michael Hofman – 2.32.357

Peter Heijmans – 2.34.128 (only practice)

Olaf Romijn – 2.39.022

Paul Klop – 2.41.250

Horice participants before 2011 (unofficially)

(personal bests are not known – year of participation near racer’s name):

Will Massop – 1975

Jannes Ebeling – 1982, 1983, 1984, 1987, 1990, 1991, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998

Harry Heutmekers – 1982, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1994, 1995

Jack Dekkers – 1985, 1986

Johan ten Napel – 1987, 1989

Henri van Heist – 1987, 1988

Johan Schelings – 1988

Stefan Slootjes – 1988

Andre Stamsnijder – 1987, 1989, 1991

Rico Mertens – 1989

Henri Sala – 1989

Marcel Ebeling – 1990, 1991

Jan Hulleman – 1996

In memory of Joey den Besten and Jochem van den Hoek.

Photo credit: Rod Neill

Words by Jan Vavra

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