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Event Re-Cap: IRRC 2016, Circuit Paalgraven

The last time the IRRC fraternity ventured to the Oss based Circuit Paalgraven, the unquestioned, dominant Superbike forces were fellow countryman Vincent Lonbois and Sebastien Le Grelle.

Evenly matched, the Belgian duo competing for Herpigny Motors BMW Motorrad Belux, were separated by just under 2.5 seconds at the completion of the opening premier class encounter.

The second nine lap Superbike race around the 3.48 kilometres long Circuit Paalgraven, saw reigning IRRC SBK Champion Le Grelle increase the pressure on eventual 2016 series victor Lonbois.

Ultimately it was Lonbois who had the edge again but this time by a reduced margin of 2.16 seconds over Le Grelle.

Photo by Robby Repsol

German IRRC legend Didier Grams banked another third place finish, Johan Fredriks led the local challenge in fourth whilst places fifth and sixth were gained by Thomas Wendel and the much missed Jochem Van Den Hoek.

Supersport 600’s wise, rising Netherlands roads talent Joey Den Besten powered to successive middleweight class triumphs.

Den Besten competing at the time for Performance Racing Achterhoek, proved to strong for the high calibre opposition which included nearest challenger Marek Cerveny, twice IRRC Supersport Champion Laurent Hoffmann, Thomas Walther and reigning Newcomers A Manx GP winner Pierre Yves Bian.

Results in full from 2016 IRRC competition at Circuit Paalgraven, read as follows:

IRRC Superbike Race One:

1 Vincent Lonbois
2 Sebastian Le Grelle
3 Didier Grams
4 Johan Fredriks
5 Thomas Wendel
6 Jochem Van Den Hoek
7 Petr Biciste
8 Tim Van Ooijen
9 David Jean Luc
10 Patrick Quintens
11 David Datzer
12 Markus Mitterbauer
13 Herve Somson
14 John Pilloud
15 Kurt Haek
16 Eddy Maniguet
17 Jean Pierre Polet

IRRC Superbike Race Two:

1 Vincent Lonbois
2 Sebastian Le Grelle
3 Didier Grams
4 Johan Fredriks
5 Thomas Wendel
6 Jochem Van Den Hoek
7 Patrick Quintens
8 Petr Biciste
9 David Jean Luc
10 David Datzer
11 John Pilloud
12 Herve Somson
13 Kurt Haek
14 Wolfgang Brunner

IRRC Supersport Race One:

1 Joey Den Besten
2 Marek Cerveny
3 Laurent Hoffmann
4 Thomas Walther
5 Thomas Wendel
6 Stefan Schorgendorfer
7 Anders Blaha
8 Kevin De Frenne
9 Stefan Wauter
10 Sebastian Frotscher
11 Kai Zentner
12 Hanno Brandenburger
13 Sammy Ahonen
14 Boris Liegeois
15 Casper Voogt
16 Max Gaube
17 Christian Schmitz
18 Pierre Yves Bian
19 Daniel Schmidt
20 Yannik Jacops
21 Stefan Hofer
22 Petr Kostal
23 Mike Ceuppens

IRRC Supersport Race Two:

1 Joey Den Besten
2 Marek Cerveny
3 Thomas Walther
4 Thomas Wendel
5 Ilja Caljouw
6 Pierre Yves Bian
7 Kevin De Frenne
8 Stefan Schorgendorfer
9 Anders Blaha
10 Stefan Wauter
11 Kai Zentner
12 Sebastian Frotscher
13 Arnaud Seydoux
14 Casper Voogt
15 Boris Liegeois
16 Hanno Brandenburger
17 Sammy Ahonen
18 Max Gaube
19 Daniel Schmidt
20 Hendrik Voit

Words by Stevie Rial