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Are MV Augusta returning to the Isle of Man TT this year?

A lot of publicity has surrounded the topic of MV Augusta potentially returning to the Isle of Man TT this year with the World performance racing MV Augusta team. However since early December news has gone quiet regarding MV being back at the TT so the question is are they returning this year? I for one hope they are its always nice to see new manufacturers at the TT, seeing how they do and also of how competitive they are.

If MV are officially back at the TT this year then who will be riding for the Italian based motorbike manufacturer. Not many road racers have been linked to the WPR MV Augusta team although a few riders are linked to the team. William Dunlop tested for the team last year on the teams supersport 600 bike. But of course now we know that William is racing this season at the international road races for the factory Milwaukee Yamaha team.

MV Augusta has a rich heritage at the Isle of Man TT, the legend that is Giacomo Agostini ¬†raced for them at the TT. Plus MV Augusta is still regarded as one of motorcycling’s most well known manufacturers so if they return to the TT this year there entry will be watched by many to see how they compare to for instance to Honda in the supersport TT races.


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