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    Manx GP Top 6: Erik Kjuus

    In recent years Norway’s only Mountain Course exponent, the ambitious Erik Kjuus is the next racer to take part in Road Racing News rising in popularity, Manx GP Top 6 series. A top thirty finisher within the Senior MGP of 2017, his answers to the Mountain Course themed set of questions are as follows: Q1: […]

    Kjuus Hoping To Provide Norwegian Presence At TT 2020

    Hoping to provide a Norwegian presence at this year’s TT Races, Erik Kjuus has revealed recently his intention to make the step up to TT affiliated competition. Presently his nations sole competitor on the mythical, fabled Mountain Course, the last five years have seen him secure an abundance of creditable results at the Manx Grand […]

    Norway’s Kjuus Plotting Maiden TT, North West 200, Ulster GP Appearances

    Hoping to provide a Norwegian presence this year at the TT, North West 200 and MCE Insurance Ulster Grand Prix, Erik Kjuus is planning to compete for the first time at the ‘Big Three’ International roads events. Presently his nations only competitor on the fabled Mountain Course, his team for this season has elected to […]

    Ten Questions Challenge – Erik Kjuus

    Presently Norway’s only solo Mountain Course competitor, the ambitious Erik Kjuus is the next rider to take part in Road Racing News, ten questions challenge. Erik’s answers to the popular series of questions, are as follows: Q1: Favourite National Roads Meeting? “I have only raced at 2, I’d say the Mountain Course is my favourite.” […]

    2017 Manx Grand Prix: Erik Kjuus Jumps Up A Level

    Jumping up a level around the Mountain Course, Norway’s Erik Kjuus enjoyed his most timultious Manx GP campaign to date, which culminated in an excellent 30th place finish in yesterday’s Senior race. Competition on Friday afternoon also saw him on the fourth and final lap, set a new personal best lap speed of 116.164 mph […]

    Norway’s Only Mountain Course Competitor Erik Kjuus

    At this moment in time, Norway’s only competitor around the most famous road racing circuit in the world, the Mountain Course, is Erik Kjuus. Erik is planning this year to compete for the third time, at the Manx Grand Prix. His Manx GP record to date has yielded a top 50 finish in the 2015 […]

    Erik Kjuus Manx Grand Prix Mission

    Having thoroughly enjoyed his first two weeks of competition on the mountain course, at the 2015 Manx Grand Prix, Erik Kjuus is hugely looking forward to returning to the iconic meeting next year. Erik is on a mission to in the future become the first rider from Norway to win a Manx GP race. His […]

    2023 Manx GP: Fastest Racers Per Nation

    Today we summarise the fastest racers per nation from the Centennial Manx Grand Prix. Each nations speediest Mountain Course pilot across last Saturday (26th August), Monday’s (28th August) competitive action, reads as follows: (Best lap speed located near racer’s name) Northern Ireland: Michael Dunlop – 126.681 England: Rob Hodson – 125.649 France: Amalric Blanc – […]

    2023 Manx GP: Blistering Yeardsley Wins Senior Race

    A mix of overnight rain, low clouds, early morning rain immediately threw a spanner in the works for today’s Manx GP racing itinerary. Once conditions were considered suitable for racing, the Mylchreest Group Senior race, reduced to three laps got underway five hours behind schedule at 4:30 PM. ‘Tommy Club’ member Dan Ingham, aboard Russell […]

    2023 Manx GP: Senior/Classic Superbike Start Lists

    Confirmed start-lists for tomorrow’s Senior, Classic Superbike Manx Grand Prix races. Start-lists per race read as follows: Senior: 1 – Dan Ingham 2 – Victor Lopez Santos 3 – Marcus Simpson 4 – Jamie Williams 5 – Chris Cook 6 – Andrew Fisher 7 – Damian Horan 8 – Marc Colvin 9 – James Reveley […]

    2023 Manx GP: Thursday Evening Qualifying Results

    Collection of results from tonight’s qualifying sessions of this year’s, 100th Anniversary Manx Grand Prix. Qualifying results per class, read as follows: (Personal best lap speed located near racers name) Classic Superbike: 1 – Dean Harrison – 125.597 2 – Brian McCormack – 122.735 3 – Michael Rutter – 122.287 4 – Derek Sheils – […]