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300 Curves Of Gustav Havel: Race Day Round Up

One of the main highlights for many of the 2018 300 Curves of Gustav Havel meeting, was Banbridge’s Shaun Anderson recording a third successive Super Mono class victory.

Piloting again the highly regarded Kramer Motorcycles machine, the former Newcomers A Manx GP runner up produced a quite masterful performance yesterday at Horice, sealing a hat trick of Super Mono race wins at Horice with a winning margin of over 1 minute over nearest pursuers Libor Kamenicky and Marek Nemecek.

Reflecting on his unique achievement via Facebook, the TT 2018 bound racer stated:

“So that was Horice done for another year. Was a great weekend prefect set, pole, win and lap record. Sorry if it was not the most interesting race to watch, but I want to break away and make good times. Now with 2:25.0 the class lap record is strong. So we now work to make it a 2:24!

What can I say, things are working well on the bike, and we will continue to move forward with it. The weather was abit more Irish on the Saturday afternoon but I guess you get that from time to time. But perfect for the race. I missed using my old 750 in sbk, but sometime I hope to bring my thousand for the Superbike class.

The AMK club ran a great meeting, many thanks to the officials, marshal’s and fans for coming out. Of course thanks as well to: Kramer Motorcycles, Robbie basti, Mario Elisa, Nico Muller for the winner repair tape! Good to see some familiar faces, with Derek and Jamie out there. 4 days and it’s TT time.”

Photo by Tommy Vennard

Outside of Kramer Motorcycles Anderson, Supersport, Superbike victors Kamil Holan and Marek Cerveny, others to seal race wins were Radek Lamich (125 Sport Production), Denmark’s Anders Blacha (250), Petr Najman (Super Twins) and Patrik Kolar who edged out KTM mounted Christopher Eder for 125 GP honours.

Overall another great 300 Curves of Gustav Havel meeting, which had all the factors like great weather, large enthusiastic crowds, plus a truly world class entry battling it out for respective class wins, that make roads competition at Horice so loved not only in the Czech Republic, but also worldwide.

Results per class from the 2018 300 Curves of Gustav Havel races, are as follows:

125 Sport Production:

1 Radek Lamich
2 Lukas Fikker
3 Martin Sedlo
4 Michal Vecko
5 Marek Zima
6 David Polak
7 David Rezac
8 Marcel Hrubos
9 Martin Prouza
10 Petr Endrst
11 Matous Brdek
12 Eduard Werner
13 Ivo Dolezal
14 Jiri Cadek
15 Martin Hrstka
16 Miroslav Sloboda
17 Pavel Habrda
18 Jan Langhammer
19 Stanislava Malinova
20 Michal Korejs
21 Leos Valenta
22 Radek Konarik
23 Vojtech Stanis
24 Jan Streda
25 David Batek

125 GP:

1 Patrik Kolar
2 Christopher Eder
3 Oldrich Podlipny
4 Steffen Graemer
5 Chris Meyer
6 Jiri Obtulowicz
7 Tommy Bergstedt
8 Jiri Merhaut
9 George Carlsson
10 Martin Krticka
11 Ivo Koutny


1 Anders Blacha
2 Dan Vyslouzil
3 David Rezac
4 Petr Kunz
5 Tomas Fichna
6 Jarosla ml Kren
7 Petr Kren
8 Karel Matus
9 Rene Horak
10 Boris Korcak
11 Petr Kovar
12 Philippe Delaunay
13 Alexandr Vyslouzil


1 Shaun Anderson
2 Libor Kamenicky
3 Marek Nemecek
4 Karel Kalina
5 Pavel Jancik
6 Alexander Michel
7 Daniel Zornweg
8 Nico Kehrer
9 Mario Wilhelm
10 Frantisek Loucka
11 Vaclav Jakl
12 Ladislav Vojtko
13 Dave Walsh
14 Pavel Machacek
15 Zdenek Sedlacek
16 Tomas Cerveny
17 Tomas Svolinsky
18 Ludek Hrdlicka
19 Eric Lenser

Super Twins:

1 Petr Najman
2 David Hanzalik
3 Marek Stibor
4 Jan Markalous
5 Jakub Gottvald
6 David Kuzela
7 Stefan Holz
8 Marek Satek
9 Marian Blazek
10 Daniel Zornweg
11 Petr Plichta
12 Jiri Balan
13 Rene Horak
14 Nikola Kovac
15 Paul De Doncker
16 Milan Hanzalik
17 Dave Walsh
18 Tomas Svolinsky
19 Tomas Maixner
20 Vojtech Hanousek
21 Karel Loffler
22 Pavel Koci
23 Jacques Borremans
24 Ivar Sliwka
25 Jaromir Bednar
26 Ladislav Nemecek
27 Peter Bonnarens

Words by Stevie Rial